Schedule Appointment

You can schedule appointments in our Wheat Ridge location at 38th & Fenton here.  Your appointment can be in person, by phone, by Zoom.  You will get a confirmation e-mail that helps put the appointment on your calendar.  If you choose to register after setting the appointment, you will be able to log in and view your existing appointments, as well as reschedule or cancel.

Alternate locations for our elders and COVID-19 concerns can be arranged.  Please call 303.934.2970 to schedule these related pick-ups and deliveries or to meet us at our Harvey Park location.

During the Off Season (May – January) Wheat Ridge Office hours we highly recommending scheduling appointments for phone calls, drop offs, and pick-ups;  otherwise, we are likely with someone else and may not be able to assist you in a timely manner.

Select the type of appointment you need and complete the requested information. Don’t see the service you would like, please call us at 303.934.2970.