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What is an Enrolled Agent?

Enrolled Agent is a person who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service by passing a three-part comprehensive IRS test. Some former IRS employees may also become Enrolled Agents. There are also tax compliance verification and a criminal background check that must be passed before someone becomes an Enrolled Agent. See for full details.

Professional Memberships

Kinna is a proud member of these organizations that help her follow tax news and improve her tax preparation and representation skills.







Recent Continuing Education

EAs must continually keep current by taking tax related continuing education.  Kinna consistently attends more than the minimum continuing education required by the IRS for EAs, and her professional organization memberships.

2024 July 14 – 17, NAEA Tax Summit, Orlando, FL

  • Divorce and the Various Tax Implications
  • The IRS Examination Process
  • Trust and the Estate Tax Planning Area
  • Introduction to Examination
  • Mid-Year Update
  • Statute of Limitations (SOLs)
  • The IRS Collection Process
  • Overview of Collection Alternatives
  • Basic Installment Agreements
  • Tax Planning for the Moderate-Income Client 
  • Tax Planning for High Net Worth & Stock Options 
  • Keynote – Navigating Success: Thriving Tax Firms in 2024

July 10, 2024, Employee Retention in Accounting: The Big Picture, webinar by ADP

June 20 & 21, 2024  68th Annual State Convention, Hawaii Association of Public Accountants, Las Vegas, NV

  • Federal Tax Update
  • Subchapter S – A Journey Through Subchapter S – A Review of the Not So Obvious & The Many Traps That Exist for the Unwary
  • Managing Highly Appreciated Assets and Capital Market Update
  • Maximizing the Tax Benefits of Casualty Losses
  • Proposed and Pending Tax Legislation

May 15, 2024:  Tax implications of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing for Business Entities, webinar by IRS

May 15, 2024:  2024 Nexus – Sales & Income Tax, webinar by Tax Speaker

February 6, 2024:  2024 February Solutions Room: S Corporations & Compensation, webinar by NAEA

February 6, 2024:  Form 1116 – Certain Income Re-Sourced by Treaty, webinar by IRS

January 30, 2024:  Navigating Through the Restart of Automated Collection Notices and Penalty Relief, webinar by IRS

January 30, 2024,  Lead Public Accountants Society of Colorado Zoom Workshop on Navigating the Insanity & Complexities of CO Sales Tax Reporting

January 25, 2024:  ABCs of Foreign Tax Credit for Individuals, webinar by IRS

January 18, 2024: Digital Day by IRS Online Services, webinar by IRS

January 11, 2024:  2024 January Solutions Room: S Corporations & Compensation, webinar by NAEA

January 10, 2024: Answering your Frequently Asked Questions about Due Diligence, webinar by IRS

January 10, 2024:  CO FAMLI Division: January Virtual Town Hal

December 28, 2023,  Lead Public Accountants Society of Colorado Zoom Workshop on CO Payroll  Tax Reporting

December 19, 2023, Leveraging AI in Your Firm, webinar by ADP

December 14, 2023,  Form 1099-K Third Party Payment Network Transactions(Card and Electronic payments), webinar by IRS

December 7, 2023, December Solutions Room – FBAR, webinar by NAEA

December 7, 2023, Reasonable Compensation for S Corporations, webinar by NAEA & R C Reports

November 28, 2023,  Cryptocurrency Taxation and New Developments, webinar by NAEA & Cointracker

November 16,2023,  2023 Annual Round-Up of IRS & CO Tax Updates, Public Accountants Society of Colorado, Denver, CO

  • Cyber Security Updates
  • CO Legislative Updates & Making Taxes Less Taxing
  • Taxpayer Advocate Service
  • IRS Tax Law Updates including Residential Energy Credits & Clean Vehicle Credits
  • Criminal Investigations, Recent Case Reviews and Thwarting IRA Misinformation

October 19, 2023,  Led Public Accountants Society of Colorado Zoom Workshop on Navigating the Insanity & Complexities of CO Sales Tax Reporting

September 26, 2023, Preparation of Form 1040-NR, U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return, webinar by IRS

September 06, 2023, The Business Impact of Promotion: It’s Not Always What You Think , webinar by ADP

August 22 – 24, IRS Nationwide Tax Forum, San Diego, CA

August 15, 2023, Work on Your Business Days:  How to Achieve Your Highest Goals, webinar by ADP

August 10, 2023, Discover the Rootworks Modern Firm Playbook, webinar by ADP

August 8, 2023, The Key to Productive Conversations with Small Business Owners, webinar by ADP

July 30, 2023, NAEA Tax Summit Tax Summit Live Streatm:  Opening Welcome Session – Ethics

June 21, 2023, Cybersecurity: The Must-Have Measure For Tax and Accounting Professionals, National Association of Enrolled Agents

June 13, 2023, Americans Abroad Tax Obligations and Reporting Requirements, National Association of Enrolled Agents

May 11, 2023, Solutions Room – Crypto Overview, National Association of Enrolled Agents

December 13 & 14, 2022  1040 Tax in Depth, Tax Speaker

November 22, 2022, 2022 Tax Planning for Student Loan Repayment and Forgiveness, National Association of Enrolled Agents

November 17, 2022, IRS Updates with Colorado, Public Accountants Society of Colorado

October 27, 2022, Federal Tax Update Business, Public Accountants Society of Colorado

2022 July & August, IRS Nationwide Tax Forum

  • Tax Law Changes for TY2022
  • The Fundamentals and Tax Treatment of Digital Assets/Virtual Currency
  • A Simple Approach and Overview to Virtual Currency
  • Advisory/Compliance Considerations for Making S-Election
  • Understanding the New Reporting Rules for Pass-Through Returns – Schedules K-2 and K-3
  • Looking to Tax Year 2022: American Rescue Plan Tax Changes to the Earned Income Tax Credit and Other Child-Related Credits
  • Tax Credits for Individuals Residing Outside the United States
  • Representing Taxpayers That Disagree With Information Reports (i.e., Forms W-2, 1099, K-1)
  • Advocating for Taxpayers Who Receive Collection Notices
  • Temporary Changes to the Collection Notice Process to Help Taxpayers and Practitioners
  • Improving the Taxpayer Experience With the IRS Independent Office of Appeals
  • Helping You and Your Clients Steer Clear of Fraud and Scams
  • Promoter Issues
  • Retirement Plans: Avoid These Pitfalls When Managing Your Small Employer Plan
  • Tax-Exempt Organizations, Charities and Nonprofits Update
  • Cannabis Reporting: Retail, Medical & Illegal
  • Improving Access to the IRS
  • e-Services and You
  • Professional Responsibility Obligations When Practicing Before the IRS: OPR and Circular 230
  • Professional Responsibility: Procedures to Ensure Compliance in Times of Change – Advanced Level
  • Tax Professional Data Breaches and How Tax Pros Can Protect Themselves
  • Understanding and Combating Return Preparer Fraud
  • Cybersecurity for Tax Professionals – Advanced Session

2022 July 24, 25 & 26, NAEA Tax Summit, Las Vegas, NV

  • Client Notices & IRS Representation Issues
  • Examination Issues for Pass-Through Entities
  • Resolving Client’s Problems with the IRS in 2022
  • Collecting & Reporting Cryptocurrency Data
  • The Dubious Dozen – The 12 Years at Retirement that Make or Break Your Golden Years
  • Current Issues in Pass-Through Entity Taxation
  • Mid-Year Shifts to Help Your Clients Save
  • The Ethics of Conflicts of Interest & Due Diligence
  • Transforming Your Pricing Everything You Need to Know
  • How to Decipher a Law: Beginner to Advanced

July 14, 2022, Stock Option Reporting, National Association of Enrolled Agents

January 27, 2022, Last Minute Tax Update Webinar, Public Accountants Society of Colorado

January 25, 2022, 2021 Year-End Update and Productivity Training: UltraTax CS and Federal Tax Update

December 9 & 10, 2021, 1040 Individual Tax In Depth, Public Accountants Society of Colorado, Thornton, CO

November 17, 2021 Colorado Legislation Highlights with Taxation Impacts, Colorado Department of Revenue

2021 August 16, ITINs and the 2021 Child Tax Credit, Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents

2021 July & August, IRS Nationwide Tax Forum

  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) Changes to Internal  Revenue Code 274 for Meals, Entertainment, Transportation and Commuting Benefits
  • Virtual Currency
  • Be Tax Ready – Understanding Rules for Due Diligence and the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit Under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
  • Virtual Currency, Cannabis, and Compliance Reporting
  • Employee Retention Credit
  • Gig Economy
  • IRS Criminal Investigation – Deeper Dive into Emerging Cyber Crimes and Crypto Tax Compliance
  • Key Enforcement Issues
  • Tax Changes from a Tax Forms Perspective
  • Highlights of the Tax Provisions of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021
  • Tax Planning Strategies For Families With Children by Intuit
  • Charities & Tax-Exempt Organizations Update
  • Retirement Plans – IRS Compliance Initiatives
  • Advocating for Taxpayers Eligible for Payment Plans
  • The Role of Hardship in Tax and Tax Collection
  • Determining an Individual’s Tax Residency Status
  • IRS Update by IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig
  • Overview of Taxpayer Civil Rights
  • e-Services and You
  • Advocating for Taxpayers in Order to Avoid Abusive Tax Schemes
  • Avoiding Filing Red Flags and Understanding the Examiner
  • Common Issues Presented to OPR and Best Practices to Address Them
  • Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Helping You and your Clients Steer Clear of Fraud and Scams
  • Keys to Mastering Due Diligence Requirements and What to Expect During a Due Diligence Audit
  • Cybersecurity for Tax Professionals

2021 July 26 & 27, NAEA Special Topics Workshop, Las Vegas, NV

  • Partnership Basis & the Centralized Audit Regime
  • S Corporation Basis
  • Section 751 and Hot Assets
  • Form 4797: Sale of Business & Rental Property
  • Getting Into the Act – All You Need to Know
  • Estates for Beginners
  • Trust Basics
  • How to Stand-out Like A Superhero With S-Corp ESOP’s!
  • CP 2000 Notices – What to do?
  • Running a Tax Practice in the Digital Age
  • Practice Preservation
  • Practical Guide to Writing YOUR Data Security Plan

2021 May 20, 2020  Town Hall with Nina Olson, Executive Director, Center for Taxpayer Rights

2021 January 26, 2020 Year-End Update and Productivity Training

2021 January 14, Ethics, Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents

2021 January 14, The Biden Tax Plan, National Association of Enrolled Agents

2021 January 13, Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 –HR 133, National Association of Enrolled Agents

2020 November 20, Colorado Sales and Use Tax Developments, CPE4U Colorado

2020 November 17, Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents

  • Workshop on Colorado Tax Law Updates
  • Highlights of the 2021 filing season from a tax forms perspective
  • Cybersecurity
  • GetNetSet Product Demo: Website & Portal, Social Media Marketing, Tax Content
  • Workshop on Colorado CollegeInvest Distributions and Contributions

2020 November 11, Election Analysis, National Association of Enrolled Agents

2020 October 1, What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop 2021

2020 August 18. IRS Rules for Contractor (1099) vs Employee (W-2), Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents

2020 July & August, IRS Nationwide Tax Forum

  • Worker Classification Issues – Hiring Freelancers Is Never Free and It May Cost You A Lot, Too
  • Representing the Taxpayer Without Records, Reconstructing Income and Expenses
  • Currency: Virtual, Digital, Cyber, Crypto? Form 1040, Schedule 1 and How to Report
  • Taxpayer Planning Issues After the Enactment of the 2019 Disaster Act and Secure Act
  • Other Income: Taxable or Not?
  • Preparation of Form 1040-NR, U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return
  • Understanding Eligibility Rules for EITC, AOTC, CTC and Head of Household Filing Status
  • Charities & Tax-Exempt Organizations Update
  • Tax Changes from a Forms Perspective
  • Impact of Non-filing and Non-payment
  • Advocating for Immigrant Taxpayers
  • Retirement Plan Distributions, Loans and More
  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) Update: Qualified Business Income Deduction
  • QBI Problems? We Have Solutions!
  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) Update: Opportunity Zones
  • Update from the IRS Independent Office of Appeals
  • Advocating for Taxpayers with Collection Information Statements
  • Cyber Security for Tax Professionals – Advanced Session
  • Protect Yourself and Your Clients Against A New Wave of Criminals
  • Tax Security Panel: The Taxes-Security-Together Checklist
  • The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015’s Centralized Partnership Audit Regime
  • Electronic Payments and Direct Deposits – New Options
  • Federal Ethics for the Tax Professionals: Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and Circular 230
  • Diligence in Practice before the IRS: Record-Keeping
  • Keys to Mastering Due Diligence Requirements and Audits
  • IRS Key Enforcement Issues

2020 June 4, The Office of Professional Responsibility: Circular 230 and Practicing Before the IRS

2020 May 28, COVID-19 & Tax and Accounting:  What’s happened and what’s going to happen?,  Thomson Reuters

2020 May 19, Employment Tax Credits Related to COVID-19 Legislation, Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents

National Association of Enrolled Agents

  • 2020 April 30, Tax Changes Related to The Corona-virus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act
  • 2020 April 29, How the CARES Act Provides Immediate Relief Opportunities for Small Businesses
  • 2020 April 22, Tax Changes Related to The Families First Corona-virus Response Act
  • 2020 April 21, COVID-19 Has Shutdown Services at the IRS. What Can I Still Do?

2020 February 18, Data Protection:  Protect Your Client & Protect Yourself, Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents

2020, January 28, 2019 Year-End Update and Productivity Training, Thomson Reuters, Denver, CO

2019 December 12 & 13, Individual Income Tax Workshop with Tax Law Updates, Public Accountants Society of Colorado – Colorado Springs, CO

2019 October 24, IRS & Public Accountants Society of Colorado, Aurora, CO

  • Individual Income Tax Workshop
  • Tax Reform New Due Diligence Requirement
  • United States Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) Presentation

2019 September 17 – 19, IRS Nationwide Tax Forum – San Diego, CA

  • 2019 Tax Law Changes
  • Basic Representation and Resolution for Tax Professionals
  • Advocating for a Client Who Needs to Correct Errors on a Return or Request an Audit Reconsideration
  • Reconstructing Income and Expenses Representing the Taxpayer without Adequate Books and Records
  • The Cohan Rule:  An IRS Audit Defense Tool
  • What Tax Professionals Should Know about Social Security
  • The Who, What, Where, and How of ITINs
  • Another Look at Limited Liability Companies LLCs in Light of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)
  • Fringe Benefits and the S Corporation:  The Who, What and How of Reporting
  • Business Interest Expense Deductibility under Section 163j – An Introduction and the Related Consequences of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)
  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) – Things Learned During the 2019 Filing Season
  • Tax Treatment of Transactions in Cryptocurrency and IRS Tax Enforcement
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
  • Enhancing the Tax Pro Experience 2.0 – IRS Resources and How-tos for You, Your Clients, and practice
  • It’s 2019:  Whats Going on in the Ethics Arena in This Pos-Tax Cuts and Job Act (TCJA) World
  • efile Identification Number (EFIN) Security Responsibilities
  • Tax Security 2.0  – The Taxes-Security-Together Checklist
  • Identity Theft Victim Assistance:  How It Works for You and Your Client
  • EO Workshop:  Compliance Basics for Charities and Other Tax-Exempt Organizations

2019 July 29 – August 2, National Association of Enrolled Agents National Conference, Las Vegas, NV

  • National Tax Practice Institute™ (NTPI®) Level 1
  • Keynote:  Charles Rettig, IRS Commissioner
  • Ethics
  • Tax Preparation Issues
  • Tax Technology
  • Latino Tax Pros Joint Session:  Immigrants, Visas, & Taxes – What You Need to Know!

2019 July 23,Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents

2019 February 19, Federal Tax Law Update, Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents

2018 Dec 13 & 14, PTI Individual 1040 Tax Conference, Public Accountants Society of Colorado

2018 & 2017 October, IRS Practice Update, Public Accountants Society of Colorado

2018 August 21, 22, 23,  –  IRS Nationwide Tax Forum in Chicago, IL

  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts, New Tax Law Updates
  • QBI, Qualified Business Income, IRC Sec 199A
  • Substantiating Business Expense Deductions
  • S Corporation Hot Spots
  • Tackling Tough Issues of Sole Proprietorship
  • Home Sweet Tax Shelter
  • Social Security
  • Payroll Pointers
  • Representing the Taxpayers without Records
  • Navigating the IRS
  • Examination Appeals Hearings
  • Compliance Basics for Charities and Other Tax –Exempt Organizations

December, Gear-Up

  • 1040 (Individuals), 2017 through 2002, 2000, 1997
  • Business Entities, 2017 through 2002, 2000
  • Estates & Trusts, 2017, 2014, 2011 through 2008, 2005, 2004, 2003
  • IRS Audits, Appeals and Collections: Successful Strategies, 2017, 2015, 2013
  • Technology Update, 2017, 2014, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2006
  • Professional Ethics for the Tax Professional, 2017 through 2011

2016 June 16 & 17, Public Accountants Society of Colorado

  • Mid-Year Tax Update
  • Colorado Department of Revenue Update
  • Colorado Division of Unemployment Update
  • Trust Accounting and Taxation
  • IRS Practice Update – FBAR, FACTA, & Foreign Reporting
  • Tax Planning for Entities
  • Technology Roundtable

2015 & 2014 January, Tax Law Update along with Tax Software Productivity Training

2015 & 2014  December, Healthcare Reform, Gear-Up

2013 December, Social Security, Medicare and Health Care, Gear-Up

2012 & 2010 December, Social Security & Retirement Planning, Gear-Up

2012 & 2007 December, Practice Development

2011 December, Planning for Later Years in Life, Gear-Up

2011 March (3 days), Oil & Gas Reporter Training by the U.S. Government Office of Natural Resources Revenue (Interfacing with US Government about federal land Oil & Gas leases.)

2010 December, Gas Revenue Accounting by Professional Development Institute, University of North Texas

2006 December, Quickbooks Fundamentals, Gear-Up